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be a leader of modern tcm to develop buchang with science and technology

taking the technological innovation as its prime power, buchang pharmaceuticals is currently the enterprise with the most varieties of patent tcm in china. 68 varieties with independent patent, i.e. naoxintong capsule, wenxin granule and danhong injection have formed the diamond product group of buchang. 55 varieties are included in the national essential medicine list and 158 varieties are included in the medicine list for national basic medical insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance. buchang pharmaceuticals has 22 national and provincial-level innovation research platforms, i.e., the national postdoctoral scientific research workstation and shaanxi provincial technical center for enterprises, and undertakes over 100 technological projects of various types. it has won 28 science and technology awards at all levels. 242 of 305 patents in application have been authorized; buchang owns 732 registered trademarks in the mainland china and 87 registered trademarks in other countries and regions.

r&d strategy: the generation of reserve, r&d and conception

buchang pharmaceuticals has insisted upon the r&d mode of “joint development supplemented by independent r&" the eagle-shaped layout for new products with tcm as its main line, high-end chemical drugs as its right wing, biotechnology drugs as its left wing and health care products as its tail wing; the product development layout for coordinated development at different levels and from different perspectives; and the product r&d strategy of cascading benign-cycle operation mechanism for the generation of production, reserve, r&d and conception. at present, 214 varieties of new drug are under development, including 35 traditional chinese medicines, 175 chemical drugs and 4 biological products. meanwhile, buchang conducts research for international registration, with 2 products registered with fda and 3 ones registered with the eu. besides, buchang positively makes layout for health industry, exerts its advantage of tcm in “preventive treatment of diseases”, and guides humans to develop a health concept.

the pilot workshop of beijing new drug r&d co., ltd. covers a building area of 2,211㎡ and a usable area of 1,700㎡.

xi'an drug r&d center

with the scientific research center of 3,286㎡, xi’an drug r&d center has 81 sets of high-end instruments and equipment with the original value of over rmb20 million. the center consists of the quality analysis & test center, preparation process research center, pilot research center and registration division.