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awards and recognition:

in july 2016, ranked [sixth among 2015 china top100 enterprises of pharmaceutical industry] (data of cfda southern medical economy institute)

in 2015, ranked [seventh among 2014 china top100 enterprises of pharmaceutical industry; and first among the list of traditional chinese medicine] (data of cfda southern medical economy institute)

in 2015, awarded [best industrial enterprise in chinese pharmaceutical r&d production lines] for consecutive years (with more than 180 r&d products)

in 2015, buchang pharmaceuticals [ranked first among top10 pharmaceutical enterprise growth]

in 2015, danhong injection won [the first prize for science and technology of china association of chinese medicine in the year 2015]

in 2015, awarded the [enterprise contribution prize for china’s apoplexy prevention &control project] (the only tcm winner among six winners nationwide)

in 2012, awarded [top10 most influential pharmaceutical enterprise]

in 2011, danhong injection won [the science & technology progress 1st prize of shandong province]

in 2010, danhong injection won [china’s first gold prize for traditional chinese medicine]

in 2010, ranked [ninth among china’s top100 pharmaceutical enterprises, and first among national traditional chinese medicine enterprises],in 2010, ranked eighth

in 2010, “buchang naoxintong” was awarded [top10 tcm product brands]

in 2008, awarded [china top500 private technology enterprises in 2007]

in 2008, awarded [china top100 commercial technology enterprises in 2007]

in 2007, awarded [china’s top 10 brands of pharmaceutical enterprises – “jinpu award”] - the annual highest award for final assessment of medicine brands.

in 2007, the company was awarded [assured pharmaceutical enterprise for people]

in 2006, the company was awarded [china top10 growth enterprises of pharmaceutical industry]

entrepreneur honors

in april 2016, china philanthropy list was released, and chairman zhao tao was awarded [2016 china top10 philanthropists]

in 2015, chairman zhao tao was awarded [china most respectable entrepreneurs]

in 2015, zhao tao was elected as [chairman of scientific and technological innovation committee] of china overseas chinese entrepreneurs association

in 2014, chairman zhao tao was elected [2013 china top10 figures of private enterprises] (alibaba: ma yun; xiaomi: lei jun; buchang pharmaceuticals: zhao tao; tencent holding: ma huateng; byd: wang zhuanfu...) won the award together.

in 2014, chairman zhao tao was elected as [man of the year 2013 for china pharmaceutical health industry]

in 2014, president zhao chao was awarded [2014 china economic figures of chinese medicine]

in 2013, professor zhao buchang and president zhao chao [were reappointed as the [delegate to the twelfth national people’s congress of china]

in 2012, chairman zhao tao won [the special prize of the seventh invention award]

in 2010, president zhao chao was rated as [2009 shaanxi top10 economic figures]

in 2010, professor zhao buchang was rated as [china’s top10 confucian entrepreneurs]

in 2009, professor zhao chao was awarded the [excellent entrepreneurs of shaanxi province]

in 2008, both professor zhao buchang, the founder of the company and professor zhao chao were elected as [the delegates to the 11th national people’s congress]

"shaping the chinese heart" of corporate social responsibility of buchang pharmaceuticals (donated a cumulative amount of over twd2.5 billion for six years)

in 2015, the activity of “shaping the chinese heart” was awarded [china top10 public welfare examples]

in 2014, won the [2014 special contribution prize for chinese philanthropy]

in 2013, the activity of “shaping the chinese heart” was awarded [the excellent projects of chinese corporate citizens]

in 2013, buchang was honored the title of [2013 china five-star corporate citizen]

in 2012, buchang became the only [pharmaceutical enterprise among the top 10 best cases of social responsibility]

in 2011, buchang came among the [top10 philanthropist entrepreneurs]

in 2010, ranked [second among the top10 philanthropist entrepreneurs]

in 2010, the company won the [willing ox award for social responsibility of china’s pharmaceutical & health industry] for consecutive two years.

in 2009, [“shaping the chinese heart”] – love plan for cardio-cerebrovascular health in the western region, which was organized by buchang and jointly undertaken by china association of chinese medicine, red cross society of china and well-known hospitals of beijing, offered free aid to the patients with cardio-cerebrovascular diseases in the poverty-stricken areas of tibet.

in 2013, chairman zhao tao was rated as the [2013 annual philanthropist]

in 2010, professor zhao buchang and his son zhao tao were awarded the [china’s characteristic philanthropists]